Classification of silicone foam tube

by:TaiHai     2020-07-27

the silicone foam tube and silicone tube, sponge is a kind of like a sponge, high temperature resistant silicone tube, the high quality high temperature resistant foaming silicone tube which can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees, and continue to work.

the silicone foam tube classification is as follows: silicone foam tube, foaming silicone tube, high temperature resistant silicone foam tube, fire resistant silicone foam tube, silicone foam pad is the most common kinds of cloth, followed by fireproof silicone foam tube, silicone foam tube bar and so on.

foaming silicone products are divided into two extrusion and mould pressing craft, including silicone foam tube, silicone foam, foam strip products such as silica gel, foaming silicone cord, all belong to the product of silicone foam sheet, silicone foam pad, silicone foam board and so on are moulded products. http://www。 gdtaihai。 com/

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