China's current status of rubber raw materials

by:TaiHai     2020-09-11

in the supply and demand for silicon rubber reach 2016 a third of the world, many countries trade companies choose in the production of silicone rubber raw materials in China, in our country, which also expanded to 2017 rubber and plastic industry chain, so as a high quality silicone rubber products manufacturer, is necessary to understand the different process and related information. When it comes to the supply of raw materials, regardless of the silicone or rubber industry should understand the source of raw materials for the region's most excellent raw material suppliers to on raw material processing technology will do better, the quality of the product to the needs of customers get consumers has been approved!

the distribution of rubber raw materials:

when it comes to raw materials from rubber trees as well as tapping more supplier of above, after years of rubber from the Brazilian amazon region, now has been distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide, including in China, India, Brazil, Thailand and other regions of planting area is larger, but in our country when you go to the southern region of our country, such as yunnan, hainan and so on a remote south you will see the rows of neat rubber trees in the forest. When tapping season arrives, the local people in order to cut out more high quality rubber, will be in the morning before the light into the jungle began tapping, so try for tapping people from planting to gum tree growth and tapping all their effort and sweat.

the development of China rubber raw materials:

rubber are mainly distributed in our country and hainan, yunnan, Taiwan, hainan, fujian and other coastal cities have milky liquid secretion, room temperature for about 28 ° not less than 15 degrees, so common in the southern region, at an average altitude of 300 meters and no wind environment best growth.

the main components of the rubber tree for cis polyisoprene, and the flexibility of natural rubber at room temperature is better, more soft pull litre degree, adhesiveness is better, so the rubber tree are cut out in different parts of the glue have different performance, the change of temperature, annual rainfall of change will have different effects on process of silicone rubber products, thus the calculating of rubber tree is also pretty deep.

the role of rubber trees not only bring faster efficiency for industrial manufacturing, also bring more convenient for the life of tools, bring a better material for the industry to experience!

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