Car on-board the acrylic panel key revelation and manufacturing process

by:TaiHai     2020-08-18

auto car leaked and acrylic panel key manufacturing process

auto car keys must each have a car of people are familiar with, why a small button so comfortable so good-looking, today with everybody to know the secret panel key, and curious about how these are to make some friends.

the motor car manufacturer acrylic panel key revelation

more and more automobile car products choose acrylic material for production, such as acrylic panel buttons, its appearance is very atmospheric high-grade, and full of fashionable element. Small make up then the mysteries of the acrylic buttons for you.

the early shape of acrylic buttons are usually yakeli board, and then by laser cutting, laser cutting is to guarantee the benefits of cutting edge smooth high requirements.

possesses advantages of high transparent acrylic and acrylic panel key real key point is not that acrylic, but the silicone buttons with acrylic adhesive. In the silica gel surface spraying laser carving processing, to make the button really reach the effect of pervious to light. ( The diagram below)

acrylic panel key greatly prolong the service life of the keys, to enhance the feel, also brought a good visual effect, is the preferred choice of on-board equipment buttons, shenzhen, professional custom cars on-board acrylic panel key is also a custom manufacturer of choice for automotive equipment buttons oh ~

auto plastic buttons what craft

car in our life, as an important modern transportation tool, provides a great convenience to our lives, among various brand cars, plastic buttons is indispensable important parts, such as Volkswagen, Toyota, kia, audi, ford, BMW, Honda, hyundai, Peugeot, Mercedes, buick, Chevrolet, changan, the Great Wall, Mazda, nissan, byd, chery, etc. So if you have carefully observed the plastic buttons are usually what are the characteristics? And with what technology is made and be become?

characteristics: usually used in car interior plastic buttons more than two kinds of color black and silver; Buttons usually have a laser carving surface characters of the technology process and screen printing, laser engraving process can be pervious to light processing cost is more expensive, screen printing process color variety and low processing cost,.

shenzhen auto plastic buttons with production process abstract: multi-color molding, carbon granule molding, plastic injection molding, screen printing, color screen printing on the back, some printed conductive, pad printing, surface spraying, laser laser, laser carving, tinted covered the spray, spray PV applying, spray UV applying, drops of gum, P + R assembly.

I believe you see this knowledge has some knowledge of automobile panel silicone buttons have some understanding, hope these can help you, if you want to go to the custom panel key, can go to the customer service.

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