Car floor mat how to clean leather pads don't wash

by:TaiHai     2020-10-28

car bumper car interior trim products must be regular cleaning, to ensure that there will be no odor and bacteria, especially easy to dirty floor MATS, by considering the went to the high cost of cleaning the car beauty care store, many owners choose to clean at home, which do not break a way, and in cleaning floor MATS you should pay attention to?

a car floor mat, leather

leather pads note whatever don't use water to wash, again good skin also cannot afford STH over and over again. The nursing methods of leather pads should be and we coat is the same, even if we don't have a coat with water, then use the sun to bask in, leather pads best don't flush, if you feel a little dirty, you can use wet dishcloth cha polishing, if do not have wet dishcloth, can touch water with a paper towel to wipe down with respect to OK. And master some car hairdressing car wash is flush with water gun, it will hurt dermal floor MATS, so be sure to pay special attention. But you want to protect your car, you'd better yourself.

2, carpet material of non-slip MATS

dry cleaning water washing, dry cleaning effect is best. Water in the low alkaline detergent, in the first 30 degrees in the warm water soak for 10 minutes. Then knead gently wash, fold the cushion is put in the dryer after dehydration, automobile rubber lining and spread out his cushion flat on a cool drafty place order, pay attention to do not insolate, do not twist dry!

3, the common PV material of non-slip MATS

this kind of floor mat is easier to clean and wash the car, just wash with water.

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