Can change the size of silica gel products artifact _ shrink cream

by:TaiHai     2020-09-04

in silicone products production process, often encounter product size is larger, but the large size, often also is not very big, is almost negligible, in the process of assembly or use a small size effect, lead to products as a whole is unqualified, don't try so hard, the improved method can fully use shrink cream to solve this problem.

the definition of silicone shrink cream:

shrink cream, silicone products in high temperature silicone rubber can reduce the size of the silica gel products, without affecting the nature of the silicone rubber other aspects ( Such as: yellow degeneration, mechanical properties, etc. ) 。

the working principle of silica gel shrink cream

add the shrink cream at the same time easy to spread out, won't produce the white dots, widely used in the following products: silicone rubber, silicone rubber parts, silicon rubber keys, seals and other miscellaneous pieces of products, and add the proportion is smaller. The shrink cream is usually a milky colloidal substance, not solidified under normal temperature, usually add 0 when mixing. 3 - 1. 0% of the dose, shrinkage can reach 0. 6 - 0. 8%, packaging is the same as the vulcanizing agent, is 20 kg per barrel.

the silicone shrink cream storage requirements:

the warn broad silicone products manufacturers should be aware of is that the shrink cream store is very exquisite, than the vulcanizing agent can put everywhere. Because the main components of the shrink cream is a kind of low boiling point of organic siloxane. Storage areas. . . open, away from the heat source, to prevent static electricity, should have good ventilation, room temperature should be in store below 25 ℃, store a lot of the product, it is forbidden to contact with reducing agent, rust, heavy metal ions and acid alkali and flammable materials.

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