Automotive rubber parts process optimization

by:TaiHai     2020-10-07

it is understood that the current domestic automobile rubber parts for the total size of the market in more than 2 billion yuan, annual total imports of automobile rubber parts is controlled in 1 billion yuan, nearly half of the domestic automotive rubber parts market occupied by a foreign product rubber fittings. And with the optimization process, multidisciplinary cross fusion, rubber parts industry development in our country.

the formula and technology constantly optimize the

the rubber parts generally products that meet all types of host form a complete set of requirements, but the durability, weather resistance, medium resistance, resistance to extreme environment, flame retardant, environmental protection, resistance to radiation performance of rubber parts still a gap with the international advanced level. Research and development of new materials and high performance products is the development direction of industry in the future, and this will depend on the formula and process of optimization.

continuously optimizing formula design, will give full play to the characteristics of all kinds of rubber material, make it produce more excellent product performance, at the same time satisfy the social to improve product safety and environmental protection requirements. Optimization of processing technology, further improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost, at the same time satisfy people to the requirements of the product's beautiful, comfortable and convenient.

multidisciplinary intersection

rubber parts of applications is very extensive, of the specific application in the different niche production technology there exist certain differences. As some the multidisciplinary management of the enterprise, the industry will be some advanced technology creative application to other areas, to further improve the performance of new application field of products and technology level, than the original technology to better meet the needs of customers.

such as frequent as building fires, with more attention paid to the application of all kinds of fireproof material, of building doors and Windows of flame retardancy requirement enhances unceasingly. In this demand, prompting the original sealing strip used in railway vehicles of the flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity and other performance index of high technology is transplanted into the building doors and Windows sealing strip production, thus effectively improve the building doors and Windows sealing strip of flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity characteristics.

and, as the Angle of Marine sponge sealing strip docking strength, sealing and other indicators have higher requirements, through the Marine sponge sealing strip thermal curing adhesive technology applied in railway vehicle products, to replace the original cold adhesive method, can effectively promote the railway vehicle sealing strip Angle strength and sealing performance.

this technology in the field of different from each other, more and more importance by enterprises, with the expansion of the rubber products application field of auto rubber parts, future technologies have merged in many areas will promote the development of rubber industry plays a more and more important role. Multidisciplinary integrated application of

with the continuous development of the downstream industry, the performance of rubber parts products to ask for a more comprehensive, pure materials science and engineering design of simple have been unable to meet their needs. Rubber parts, therefore, enterprises pay more and more attention to the introduction of the research and development in the process of compound professional background, focus on applied mechanics, engineering and other disciplines of knowledge application in the field of materials science. Integrated application of multi-disciplinary knowledge in the future, will provide new product development and manufacture of rubber spare parts with increasing impetus.

rubber parts, is one of the important basic industry of national economy, it not only provide an integral part of daily life for people, medical and so on light industry rubber products for daily use, but for mine, rail transportation, construction, machinery, automobile, shipping, aviation, electronics, military industry and so on all walks of life to provide all kinds of rubber parts. With the constant innovation and development of technology, the rubber

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