Automotive rubber gasket teach you choose car floor mat? These points should pay attention to

by:TaiHai     2020-10-29
choose automobile rubber gasket teach you car floor mat? These points should pay attention to the first, size is suitable for the size of the MATS and interior space, not only improves the beautiful sex, it is important to improve the safety. Because, car mat whether it's too big or too small, will affect the driver brake, makes the slippage during braking, increasing the risk of driving. second, joint degrees. many owners think, harder MATS on the back of the better, but in fact, the back more hard means more easy to deformation, it is easy to cause potential safety hazard. on the market today, skid resistance of the floor mat is more, and when choosing this type of floor MATS, to choose better joint degrees with the ground, like the soft material products, can increase the MATS and rubber friction, prevent slippery effect will be better. again, will it be convenient for cleaning. car floor mat is a great place for hiding dirt, in-car air circulation, will also help bacteria breeding, thus, regular cleaning floor mat becomes important. Therefore, choose a easy cleaning floor MATS, important for the owner, or you will regret it. if there is peculiar smell. if there is peculiar smell is the basic measure of whether pass a mat. If floor MATS have peculiar smell, when the car higher dimensions will release a pungent odor, shows that this kind of floor mat material includes the chemical material such as chlorinated paraffin, and these chemicals to the harm of human body. Is faulty MATS, therefore, not to buy it. 1, surrounded by large floor mat: can cover the foot space, protection is good, but more difficult to clean. 2, rubber, plastic MATS, stain resistant, easy cleaning; But relatively smooth, poor security. And, the inferior product is more, it's easy to have a peculiar smell. 3, wire ring floor mat: pollution ability strong, easy to clean, and it is not easy to skid, suitable for all the year round; Poor coverage area is small, beautiful sex. 4, plush floor mat: beautiful sex is higher, but not to bear or endure dirty, and not easy to clean. The article content is derived from the network, if there is any infringement please contact delete
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