Automotive maintenance knowledge strategy needs regular replacement parts

by:TaiHai     2020-10-29

1 wiper,

wiper slice of life, according to their own quality and using the environment is different, different life is normally 2 - - 4 years. Of course, specific still should see the usage of wiper automotive rubber parts, if the surface compressive deformation or scratches will be expected to change in time by hard objects. In addition, the owner in the use of wiper best before spraying lubrication good glass, lest the wiper blade 'dry'. And wiper blade when the choose and buy, the owner can use finger to touch the surface of rubber wiper, if found leaf aging, hardening, the rubber blades without flexibility, can be assumed to be false and inferior product auto rubber parts.

2, engine oil

in general, domestic sales of the naturally aspirated engine models will ask the user - travel 5000 kilometers 1. 50000 km and supercharged engine oil change, models require replacement at 5000 km, if car don't or have been in a stopped state, best replacement once every six months the oil auto rubber parts. Of course, if your environment and product quality is good, can be appropriate to extend the oil change period and time.
3, oil filter,

the oil filter (filter impurities contained in the oil, pectin and water, therefore needs to be changed with the oil. If not change, the oil is not filter which can lead to engine impurities accelerated wear of internal parts because of the oil.
4, air filter,

if the filter blocking is serious, will make the air intake resistance increases, the engine power. Because of air resistance increases at the same time, also can increase the absorption into the amount of gasoline, mixing ratio too thick, so that the engine running condition, any increase in fuel consumption, also easy to produce carbon deposit. At ordinary times should get into the habit of regularly check air filter cartridge.
5, brake oil

the brake fluid is passed in the automobile hydraulic brake system brake pressure of liquid medium, using in the hydraulic braking system of vehicles. Because the brake hydraulic system must make brake oil and the atmosphere are interlinked to normal operation, and long-term operation will make the brake oil suction and moisture at high temperatures to bubble, led to the decrease of the braking efficiency will auto rubber parts. So for the sake of safety, the car mainly regularly check the brake fluid and replacement on time.

recommended every two years or replacement travel 50000 kilometers. It is important to note that the different types and different brands of brake oil do not mix, or you will make the brake effectiveness.

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