Automobile silicone tube product advantages, size and features

by:TaiHai     2020-09-25

the development of silicone tube, has deep into the silica gel belt, vehicle processing and other fields. Automobile silicone tube product advantages, the sizes and features, the following is the analysis of the characteristics of the silicone tube series car technology:

pressure: 6 or higher. 0 kv, the working temperature 60, 200 or less, the proportion of: 1. 2, the hardness: 70 + 5, tensile strength: 6 or higher. 5.

product color: transparent, white, black, red, yellow, green, Also can produce according to the requirements) 。

high temperature resistant planning: - 40 ℃ / 300 ℃

size: diameter 0. 5 meters. 30 mm.

surface function: comb water, for many materials not sticky, can have the effect of isolation.

the electricity in the silica gel belt: in water or water temperature rise, change is very small, even if the short circuit silica is still burning insulation, this is to ensure the electrical equipment continue to work, so it is most suitable for manufacturing wire, cable and wire.

product features: silicone rubber is a new kind of elastic polymer material, has excellent high temperature resistant performance ( 250 - 300℃) And low temperature resistance, - 40 - 60℃) , has the good physical stability, and can withstand repeated strict disinfection conditions, good resilience and permanent deformation ( 200 ℃ in 48 hours not greater than 50%) The breakdown voltage (, 20 - 25 kv /毫米) , ozone resistance, uv resistance. Special silicone rubber with radiation resistance, oil resistance performance. Silicone tube is widely used, steam work will become the silicone tube of the direction of future development.

auto silicone tube is used for conveying gas and liquid silicone rubber products, it is composed of internal and external rubber layer and skeleton layer, skeleton material can be made of polyester cloth, aramid cloth, polyester cloth, car silicone tube inside and outside of adhesive layer materials by ordinary silicone raw materials, rubber oil resistant, acid-proof, alkali resistance materials, such as fluorine silicone pipe used for high temperature resistant car.

auto silicone tube as an important part of the car, distributed in the engine, chassis and body, as the transmission oil, automotive silicone tube as an important part of automobile distribution parts such as engine, chassis and body.

gas, water and power transmission function, the security and performance of the car. At present, a car must use at least 20 meters of hose, hose combination number used in the luxury car has more than 80 h.

there are more than 10 varieties. The shape of the car hose, high pressure, low pressure, vacuum pressure, oil and gas, heat dissipation, performance in refrigeration, cooling, brake, drive, and the pressurization, the representative of the advanced technology has become the current hose, all kinds of new type rubber hose display area to develop in the direction of high and new technology constantly. In structure, with a variety of forms such as cloth, weaving, winding coexist.

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