As a excellent silicone products manufacturer about silicone products quality

by:TaiHai     2020-09-08

as a silica gel products factory all don't want to be ignored in the cold of their products in the market, don't want to let their products popular in the market, so still have to improve the quality of the silicone products is successful.

external factors to improve the quality of the silicone products

any silicone rubber products in the quality of the above, there are two important factors affecting the product of good and bad that is internal and external things.

1。 Silicone products of sensory

first product in appearance to the person above sensory degree is very important, must be carry out to let a person look up want to have the desire, which means a silica gel products color is very important, at the time of debugging color as far as possible let color more bright.

2. Silicone products feel degrees

second let alone, feel the product feels not rough hand, surface smoothness must be high and make people comfortable to the touch, so it's very important to raw materials and fuel injection, raw materials cannot appear sundry cannot choose expired or disadvantage of raw materials for processing.

internal factors to improve the quality of the silicone products

1. The selection of raw materials,

whether can make out the qualified products of raw materials, raw materials of silicone oil content will appear too much, and silicone oil affects the aging rate of the product and stained with dust viscosity and so on.

1。 Vulcanizing agent use

the use of vulcanizing agent can make various properties of the silicone product changes, adopted by mixing will result in different curing agent product deformation, performance from the shelves, toughness is insufficient and so on.

so concludes, silicone rubber products manufacturers, if can be in product internal and external, so natural products on the market sales and popularity will improve!

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