Anion silicone bracelet has the function of the drive midge?

by:TaiHai     2020-08-05

anion silicone bracelet has the function of the drive midge? Now appear on the market a lot of silicone bracelets, what are the negative ion energy, drive midge, etc. But these silicone bracelet really so magical? Today, silicone rubber products manufacturers, for everyone, said the use of anion silicone bracelet, to help answer them negative ion bracelet how useless.

to know the function of the anion silicone bracelet ever drive midge, must first know its performance and useful function.

anion performance we all know that it has good biological activity, has a very high medical value, it is easy to through the human body blood brain barrier, enter human body exert its biological effects. But on the market of anion silicone bracelet is actually involved in the right amount, Too little attention is proper, too much will affect the effect, or even damage the body. ) Anion powder, thus to promote blood circulation, blood to resist fatigue, balance the body metabolism, improve the body's immune ability, strengthen the function of the human body, adjust the effect of the body balance function. 。 Actually anion silicone bracelet is also called energy silicone bracelet; Health care function, in addition to add negative ions powder reached bracelet must also be soft, non-toxic, no crack, long service life, does not stimulate the skin, fashion appearance, color bright, etc to seize person eyeball.

let's know drive midge silicone bracelet:

1. To achieve drive midge effect, some manufacturers have silicone bracelet soak shieldtox essence or in drip into the shieldtox); But using shieldtox) will exist in pure silica gel hand ring composition phthalates, strain substances harmful to human body, such as material, this kind of drive midge silicone bracelet like
direct contact with the skin surface, they could be irritant dermatitis caused by direct contact with the surface of the parts may appear red red rash very urticant serious some will cause some allergic constitution of children asthma lead to acute episodes of these conditions can't be ignored.

  2. There are legends of citronella, lavender imported from South Korea, clove essential oil drive midge silica gel hand ring, the most important feature of citronella is insect repellent, is a good insect repellent essential oils, and harmless to the human body. Due to its warm and calm herbs of citronella smell, so also suited to assist the elderly, women and children's physical health. Small make up remind everybody: those under the pure plant herb on market drive midge silicone bracelet is joined the citronella, lavender, clove essential oil but these costs are relatively high, for the first involved in essence of silicone bracelet is quite dangerous, is harmful to human body. So we should learn to distinguish.

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to find the real herbs drive midge silicone bracelet direct dial telephone: 13392830612, 0755 - 28230704 silicone products manufacturer.

after the above answer I think for anion silicone bracelet has the function of the drive midge? Already have a detailed understanding; Looking for anion silicone bracelet or drive midge silicone bracelet can find directly, we are welcome you contact us at any time.

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