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All kinds of customized rubber products


Foshan Taihai rubber was founded in 1987, with more than 6000 square meters, has 30years of of experience in making rubber and plastic products, a group of experienced management talents and technicians and high quality services. We also have in-house engineering and fabrication to produce custom components that often replace steel, aluminum, and work for longer wear life, decreased downtime, increased production, lighter weight, cost effectiveness and increased safety.


What’s more, Foshan Taihai Rubber have a comprehensive one-stop production technology and rich experience in mold processing and product manufacturing, so production time is in our control.


We mainly supply molded rubber as well as extruded strip for doors and cars in an assortment of standard and specialty grades to solve a variety of problems including; shock, abrasion,noise, dust, damping, weight, mold, wear and friction, etc.


Our company passed ISO9001 and SGS ,products passed ROHS ,REACH ans Proposition65.


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(Contact our knowledgeable staff with any questions regarding industrial applications with plastics or rubber and for the most cost-effective plastic and rubber solutions.)

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