About silicone used in medical industry

by:TaiHai     2020-07-25

with the progress and development of modern science and technology, the silicone is widely used in medicine, silica gel has good biological compatibility, for human tissue, non-toxic, no allergic reaction, the body's rejection is few; Has good physical and chemical properties, contact with body fluids and tissues process can maintain its original elasticity and softness, not from degradation, is a fairly stable inert substance.

the silicone material silicon is the basic element in the earth's most common and easy to access elements. And liquid silicone rubber with easy to make into complex shapes and chemical inertness, its practicability and good qualities make it from the start, very suitable for application in the medical equipment.

for medical USES, silicone biocompatibility tests must be conducted and comply with the provisions of the American food and drug administration. Medical silica gel in the applications are divided into two categories: have time period and not restricted by time. Usually limited to short-term transplantation, not limited to long-term transplant.

silica gel ingredients:

silicone rubber belongs to one of the synthetic rubber, chemical name for poly (methyl vinyl siloxane, by dimethyl siloxane monomer and other organic silicon monomer polymerization under acid or alkaline catalyst, relative molecular weight is in commonly 400000 ~ 500000.

1, solid type medical silicone rubber can substitute for bone or cartilage, as filling or scaffold material, because this can make the artificial joints, tendons to repair the defect of extremities joints and tendons. Plastic material is multi-purpose as repair of the place such as face, ear, nose deformity defect materials.

2, bubble type medical silicone rubber can replace human adipose tissue, facial deformity subcutaneous tissue defect repair the human body, such as side facial atrophy.

3, film type medical silicone rubber sheath substitutes are available; Intestinal fistula in blocked pieces also made from this type of silica gel, its role is to intestinal fistula closed within the lumen, don't make the intestinal fluid leakage, maintain intestinal tract unobstructed, restore intestinal nutrition, reduce the complications, simplifies the treatment of intestinal fistula.

4 medical silicone rubber is also called the silicone oil, liquid type, as a kind of transparent liquid of low viscosity, use thick needles to silicone oil injection to the facial concave deformity, easy to use, can shape, without hospitalization, treatment in the clinic. And in the clinical use of medical silicone rubber made from hydrocephalus drainage device, to treat hydrocephalus. Made into spherical artificial heart valve, replace the damaged heart mitral valve. As for the silicone ring more has the advantages of safe, convenient, reliable and effective, silica gel venous catheter, stomach tube, catheter with less trauma, stimulation is small, can be long-term relevant parts in the human body, has been widely used in clinic

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