A comprehensive understanding of LSR liquid silicone materials

by:TaiHai     2020-07-31

new stickers class of LSR convenient to thermoplastic coating forming. The initial binding only enough to make the mold release and not damaged. All adhesion development through a couple of weeks.

liquid silicone rubber ( LSR) Injection molding is a process with a long history, but it has enjoyed high interest for medical, automotive, baby and child care, and general industrial applications. LSR is a kind of thermosetting provided that the properties of thermoplastic elastomer can't get today. LSR has attracted more and more attention, its heat resistance, extreme low temperature flexible, chemical resistance, biological inertia, and natural lubrication. Due to the rising popularity of soft/hard cladding forming, many are looking for the LSR molding thermoplastic plastic molding business to enlarge its business scope. Fortunately, LSR processing and there are many similarities between thermoplastic. With proper training and attention differences do exist, many of the thermoplastic plastic molding business transformation for LSR successfully.

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